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Smart-Sign is a “New Concept” Property sign board service for Estate Agents

Why have a board outside? – Because they are still an elementary requirement!

“For Sale” boards are an excellent marketing tool and maximise exposure, they can generate conversation locally neighbours / passers-by which is good publicity for a property on sale or to let – for example making a friend aware of a particular house that has come to the market place.

Even with the increasing numbers of on-line ways to offer a property for sale, the ever popular agency board outside still generates up to 35% of property sales for the agent and vendors which show that even in this high-tech world these figures represent an essential reason for their use.

The positives for using a sale board far outweigh any negatives – it’s an excellent support in the overall marketing of a property, it makes the house easily identifiable and often allows buyers to arrive in a better mood, opposed to having had wasted time searching for house names or numbers.